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Natural Herbal Tea
The Natural Herbal Tea are manufactured and supplied by our company in best quality. The tea are made from fine quality of tea leaves which are processed under certain steps.
Amla Squash and Juices
Amla Squash Juices are manufactured from high quality fresh and organic harvested fruits and extracted the juices in pure, clear and concentrated form. The squash has more nutrients qualities and healthy for drinking daily.
Amla Candies
Our Amla Candies are tasty and refreshing in eating but also healthy for completing the requirement of Vitamin C in the body. These candies helps in keeping your skin and hair glowy and beautiful.
Amla Murabba
The Amla Murabba made by us, are healthy for daily consumption and have been manufactured with clean environment. Further, they are tested on different food quality parameters to check the safety and end product results.
Herbal Amla Products
Herbal Amla Products made by our company are healthy in consumption and have good salty taste. These are made in our modern machines and produce in soft texture powdery form.
Raw Betel and Areca Nuts
Raw Betel and Areca Nuts are a dry fruit which is highly consumed in mouth fresher for having natural taste. The nuts are supplied by our company in excellent quality without any damage products.
Amla Jam